Cohesion is a proven interaction and knowledge management platform for the education sector. Cohesion improves student recruitment, student experience, student retention and empowers your institution to do more with less.

Cohesion makes it easy to manage digital interactions with students throughout the full lifecycle across multiple channels (web, email, mobile, social media) and to collaborate internally within and across teams - greatly reducing email and paper.

Cohesion runs in the cloud with instant setup, or may be hosted on-premises.

Student demands in the Digital Era

Many education providers are grappling with how to effectively and efficiently treat thousands of students as customers in the digital era. Students expect near real-time responses and rapid resolution of issues across digital channels such as web, mobile and email.

With Cohesion, your institution can easily manage your digital relationship and interactions with students, provide excellent service, ensure that student experience is optimal and that your institution maximises retention.

Cohesion provides a single view of, and unified student relationship management platform for, your institution's digital interactions with students. Cohesion also empowers multiple internal teams to collaborate on solutions - with full traceability and accountability - and allows your institution to dramatically reduce email.

Cohesion has proven to provide significant benefits such as empowering your institution to treat student feedback as an asset and to resolve complaints and issues quickly, internally and with full traceability. With Cohesion your institution can reduce formal grievances and escalations to external regulators by dealing with small fires before they become blazes and convert complaints into positive outcomes.

If your institution is using PDF and paper-based forms, Cohesion makes it easy to replace these with truly digital processes and workflows - with huge efficiency and satisfaction gains. Cohesion also provides integration with a range of payment gateways, meaning it can help you collect payments faster where applicable.

Cohesion also provides the facility for unlimited internal knowledge bases and external self-service knowledge bases. Staff can capture and share knowledge with a practical system that 'just works', and students can help themselves by finding answers to their queries easily.

Cohesion is affordably priced, even for hundreds or thousands of users. When delivered in a cloud/SaaS model Cohesion requires no servers and can be setup instantly. Cohesion is also available in an on-premise / self-hosted model.


Multi-Channel Interaction Management

Deliver an excellent customer experience. Streamline team interactions across web, mobile, email and more.

Custom Forms

Make your forms and processes truly digital, save time and money. Integrate form submissions with workflows & other systems.

Reports & Satisfaction Ratings

Track customer satisfaction and report on metrics that are important for your success. Proactively identify issues and risks.

Knowledge Management

Capture knowledge across your organisation and harness its value. Ensure everyone has access to the right information at the right time.


Automate tasks, customise messages, create and modify behaviours in your Cohesion instance with a few clicks.

Team Collaboration & Multiple Brands

One system, many teams collaborating effortlessly and securely. Multiple teams & brands in a single, integrated system.

Wiki Sites & Support Portals

One place to find information and collaborate. Publish to desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Unlimited Wiki Sites and Support Portals.

Lightweight, Intuitive & Enterprise Ready

Full-featured, secure and easy to use. Enterprise features such as custom domains with SSL security and multiple teams.

Cloud hosted, instant setup

No servers or IT hassles. Instantly create your Cohesion instance and access it securely on your desktop, mobile or tablet device.

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Cost Per User Per Month

Pricing is based on an annual payment for Cohesion Users in a Cloud / SaaS model.

Users at per user per month is a total cost of per month.

The total annual cost is .

All prices are in . Sales Tax / VAT is applicable only for organisations either:

  1. Based in The Netherlands, or
  2. Based in an EU member country, without a VAT ID.

Self Hosted Cohesion starts at 1500 users for per user per month.

Total annual cost

Pricing is based on an annual payment for users self-hosted model.

Users at per user per month is a total cost of per month.

The total annual cost is .

All prices are in . Sales Tax / VAT is applicable only for organisations either:

  1. Based in The Netherlands, or
  2. Based in an EU member country, without a VAT ID.


We are happy to provide an online demonstration of Cohesion and discuss your requirements. Please contact us at: demo+support@cohesion-cloud.com

Please feel free to contact us at: support@cohesion-cloud.com